Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The fictional National Climate Assessment report

Another work of science fiction has been produced by global warming alarmist "scientists" and is being bandied about by President Obama in bid to convince us to commit economic suicide. It is the newly released National Climate Assessment which manages not only to contradict decades of climatic data collected by NOAA and its predecessors but also contradicts the report on climate extremes released last year by the alarmist UN-IPCC. One of its statements is that droughts in the USA are getting worse. So visiting NOAA's historical database on droughts one scan see how much worse it has gotten (sarcasm alert!). In July of 1934 most of the country was in a drought state varying from severe to mild:

In July of last year (2013) the situation was much different:
The evidence for worsening droughts is missing, probably lost in the deep ocean, together with the missing heat.

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Glenda T. said...

Tucano, you are exactly right!
This hoax makes me sick -to think so many people can be fooled by these knaves. Lackeys, ALL!